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Cristina Uriarte Toledo



I am delighted to welcome you to the website of the Department for Education, Language Policy and Culture of the Basque Government, and I hope that you find the information here of interest.

The areas that make up this far-reaching department naturally complement each other and that relationship will further clarified during the work of the coming years.

Education is the basis of society and in turn a driving force for change. The professional and personal development of the citizens, along with their competitiveness, depends on the level of education to a great extent. We need our educational system to move towards excellence and innovation to successfully address education challenges of the 21st century. We must give our children an education based on values, which fosters coexistence, peace, conciliation, solidarity, equal opportunities, tolerance, endeavour and co-responsibility. We are therefore striving for a first-rate education system that is integrated and pluralist, efficient, multilingual and innovating, that uses creativity to construct the future of the Basque Country.

On the road to that fundamental objective, we must safeguard one of our most valuable treasures: the Basque Language. By encouraging but not imposing its use and learning, we will ensure that linguistic coexistence is a reality. At the Basque Government, we must place great emphasis on giving momentum in that direction, by helping the sectors committed to that purpose and encouraging society to use the Basque Language in everyday life.

Language, and culture overall, define our identity. Culture is what makes us grow as individuals, as a people. It is the sphere of human activity which gives meaning to our lives, is permanent creation and recreation, and knowledge to evolve.  Therefore, given its importance, its economic and social value, and its significance as a cohesion factor, it is beholden on us to take care of it.

The human team that makes up this Department will work so as not to disappoint your expectations.

Kind regards,

Cristina Uriarte Toledo

Basque Government Minister for Education, Language Policy and Culture