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Immigrant Student Programme


Manifesto: Por una escuela intercultural e integradora

(Voices from around the world in the Basque Parliament)

An idea filled with respect and peace

The Department of Education, Universities and Research asked fifteen schools in Euskadi, where immigrants and non-immigrants share classrooms and experiences, to give some thought on the meeting of cultures and the meaning of friendship between children from around the world. The idea planted the seeds of what grew into a beautiful and highly symbolic idea.

Supported by classmates and teachers, 75 schoolchildren, half of whom were from other parts of the world, made up a multicultural youth assembly and spoke at the Basque Parliament to defend and promote a multicultural school system. On 7 April 2003 eleven- and twelve-year-old 'members of parliament' took part in plenary session, in which they demanded Human Rights and called for society to take a serious look at hearts and souls.

In the final minutes of the meeting they passed this manifesto, in which they say the world is their community and Euskadi their home – a home built on understanding, respect, friendship and peace.

(Multilingual publication available in hard copy and CD-ROM)

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